Who Am I?

Who Am I? short poem

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Out of the odd don’t know why,
A voice within me asked, “Who am I?”
Answered each question with ease till date
But today within me is an endless debate.

Am I the good girl all see?
Or that crazy one I wanna be?
Am I the one who is honest to some?
Or who doesn’t let strangers know the real one?

Am I the one who always wants to be true?
Or the one who trusts only few?
Am I the one who is always honest to you?
Or who hides from others the slightest clue?

Am I the one who believes to be lucky is reality?
Or the one wishing to be part of some fantasy?
Am I the one who wishes things that are brand new?
Or one who treasures things even when it’s time to say adieu?

Am I the one who isn’t bothered about anything?
Or the one cautious about small things?
Am I the one who waits patiently for everything?
Or the one restless to get that special thing?

What others think I don’t care
To my loved ones am unique and rare
My love for them will never diminish
To myself I’ve made this forever promise.

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Sumanta Fernandes

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Resident of Goa. Am an Arts graduate. Working in a Real Estate Company as a Personal Secretary. Love reading love stories. Am sweet to people I like and bad to people I hate...A mirror of your actions
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Swathi Rao

A common path traversed… well written.


very much describing me, very well written.
keep up the good work.

Martha Gettle

very good deep and heart felt

Laya Sarath

A common thought that comes to our mind almost everyday….wonderful.. 🙂


its a gud one .i luv it


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