Tears That Fall

Tears That Fall short poem

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Tears that fall die on the lips
You can taste the salt you sip

The tear drips down your face
In your mouth the tear you faste

The bitter taste of the pain you feel
In your mouth becomes more real

I try to fight the pain but can’t hold back
As down my cheeks more tears track

I think of you and the pain comes in
I try to hold out but I never win

This heart of mine is still so blue
It tries in vain to hold on to you

But that’s a battle that I lost long ago
You are gone to me in times’ ebb and flow

I’m still stuck in the world left behind
The only place you live is in my mind

In my mind so much you still can do
In my mind I can spend time with you

You can reach out and take my hand
Beside you once again I can stand

I can smile as I look in your eyes
I no longer hear our last good byes

Your smiles, your laugh are all there for me
I would stay with you there endlessly

I would sit right there by your side
I would let you dry the tears I’ve cried

The more I remember the better I feel
Till once again it all becomes so real

No matter the hours I spend in my mind
I know you will never again ever be mine

Never again will you reach and my hand hold
All you will ever tell me you’ve already told

My mind is just a place I hide some days
Somewhere from the pain I can get away

Where I can hold you close to me again
As I recall the way things have been

Then I remember you have moved on
To me you will forever be gone

Then my heart breaks and I cry as before
And I taste the salt of the tears once more

Yes it’s true the tears that fall die on the lips
I’ve tasted many since from my life you slipped

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Martha Gettle

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I am 58 years old. I have two grown children and 3 grand daughters. I am a widow I lost my husband after 32 years of marriage to cancer 5 years ago. It was the pain of that loss that made me turn to poetry. I write all kinds of poetry. My biggest occupation is finding an idea I can turn into a poem . I have written 1000 poems and still writing.
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Sumanta Fernandes

Hearth toughing poem…Goodbyes are always painful

Makaylah Downs

I could feel the raw emotion behind the words. This was such a great read. It’s so beautiful.

Abhijith Prakash

it was great!


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