Defining A Girl

Defining A Girl short poem

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When I took my first glance at her,
I wished I could take a chance at her,
I wished we could go for a pretty long walk,
And I could do some romance with her.

Her eyes,as beautiful as a rose,
I peeped into them and the world froze,
I could look in her eyes all day long,
Yeah! She’s the one my heart chose.

Her hands,as soft as a feather,
Like they changed my heart’s weather,
Just to match the beauty of her fur,
I looked smarter to stand with her.

Her innocence,as clean as a dove,
She’s as cute as a tiger cub,
She could give me ever lasting hugs,
To get rid of my tension bugs.

I’ll stay in her heart till my last breath,
I’ve no idea how she’ll face the aftermath,
And,the day I stop loving her,
Will be the day of my death.

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Himanshu Bageshara

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I survived Intermediate high school. Although nothing more than a student for now, but nothing less than a poet too. Just 18 and carry way too much emotion in my head, well, that's poet-like.
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Makaylah Downs

This is so lovely. I love the last stanza/verse.


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