Footsteps in the Sand

Footsteps in the Sand short poem

This world, isn’t what we thought,

But we’ve gone on to see, and fought…!

Everything, that came to us,

We embraced with love, and made a part of us…!!

But, times change,

And things don’t go as planned…!

All that remains in the end,

Are footsteps in the sand….!!

Quite true, that they say,

That every man will have his day….!

And that day, when we will go,

Everyone will shed their tears, in sorrow…!!

So, times change,

And things don’t go as planned…!

All that remains in the end,

Are footsteps in the sand….!!

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Rocean Sharma

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Life has its hardships, But it goes on.. doesn't wait for anything, nor lets memories be easily gone...! Poems are the only way, to let all the feelings out... to seek for the meaning, that everyone is talking about...!! So enjoy life, and enjoy the poems... and embrace life, no matter what comes...!!
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11 Comments on "Footsteps in the Sand"

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Jesus Diaz Llorico

“Yes, things don’t go as planned”
a beautiful write.

Swathi Rao

A good one…


Truth of life…well expressed !!

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Nice poem. But footsteps in the sand will be erased by wind and waves. That one they have in Hollywood in concrete will stand through time. Just kidding. The poem is a joy to read.


So simple yet so deep…

Simranjit Singh

that is quite a beauty of a write .


Simple and beautiful. Love it.


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