Unseen And Unheard

Unseen And Unheard short poem

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“The thunder did flash and the rain did fall,
The wind too stirred up and started to creep and crawl.
The sky turned dark and the lightening tore through,
On and on it rumbled, a sinister grey the skies grew.
The Gods roared from above, trying to silence all life,
The rain cut through the dark bellied clouds like a knife.
The drops hit the Earth with a sound so loud,
To hear it, though, too bad not even a soul was around.
The skies flashed and turned a brilliant white when,
Nobody was around to see the blinding white then.
Down Mother Nature’s face literally fell tears,
But nobody had wiped them for a thousand years.

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Anoushka Kapoor

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Badminton, I believe, is the key to glee, I'm completely and utterly obsessed with Sims The Three, I write poems, and I sing too, I'll make you laugh if you're feeling blue. Reading books erases my strife, But I love Candy Crush Saga more than life. <3
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