Here’s Spontaneity, Not Serendipity

Heres Spontaneity, Not Serendipity short poem

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There is a confusion again, it seems
between “I” and ‘me”
who is the soulful singer, who the dancing queen
let it be said, for a final time
till the siren stops and the bells stop their ring
I is in me and me is in I unseen
I am the soul, I am the life
When will you recognize, long dead I have been
There is no magic, there is no trick
It is plain tomfoolery, sordid treachery
I see it in their eyes that twitch
The cold cold hearts that bury me alive
Never to be found , never to be seen
But having made light of death I have
Risen like the demon, risen like phoenix
To scare the daylights of every oppressor
To confess their crime, to quit their comfort
The I in me that you wait for
Is here now, is there in your dream
I am your search, I am your quest
I am the witch and the beauty queen
Come make a sacrifice, a sacrifice of belief
Follow your heart , let your head split
Take my hand to pull you through this maze
Take my heart, if only it drips from your eyes sanguine
Serendipity, serendipity, it never brought any relief
The signs that you see is a bunch of hunches
That will take mind on trips in different directions
If only to make it stop
Come hold my hand and let things be
Give me a chance to show you your I
Reflecting whatever you sought in your belief in me

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Loved your poem! Keep writing!


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