Dead man walking

Dead man walking short poem

Go sleep, where I entombed thee

don’t wake up and walk

haunting everyone you come across..

Go lie down in that beautiful coffin

don’t stray and seek anymore

you are dead now

and dead are not supposed to walk..

You still feel, you say

you might have a soul, you muse

all your feelings are dead

and your soul is lost..

Don’t become walking dead

lie down in that crypt of yours

you don’t have a heart that beats anymore

you are but a corpse

and no one can love a corpse..

Don’t try to find solace

you are damned for eternity

come to terms with the rot..

No, you cannot smell the stench

you don’t have any senses anymore

Go back to the world of dead

and be there, even if you are awake

ponder over what went wrong?

No you cannot feel the rage

rage is a feeling too

And no, you cannot change death

even if it happened when you least desired

dead you are so remain dead..

Don’t talk about anguish

don’t think about pain

there is no point of remorse

Yes you are lonely my dear

how cannot you be, you are dead..

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Nothing enthralls me anymore, Nothing surprises me anymore, I know not the depth of my own soul, nothing allures me anymore..............
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Intriguing bit of writing..Is it about a Dead man walking or about the walking dead? Interesting!


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