Crazy dream

Crazy dream long poem

In a strange land, where time moves is circles

they rear them everyday, everyday is the same

animals, some you have seen, some unseen

humans, some you know of, some you don’t

with dawn they are all born,

and vanish with dusk

each one is an incarnation of truth

lost long ago someplace

As the day progresses

you see the safari as never seen before

animals don’t know their character

beasts are docile, bovines are aggressive

in a world gone Topsy-turvy

rhinoceros are playful of all

they let you bathe them, they let you be close

all humans have plastic smiles

I recognize a few faces here

but most of them don’t register

It feels I have woken up from deep slumber

for I think something is wrong

as the evening approaches

all are ushered into big bath chambers

where they are washed away

I see the man opposite me

scars appear on his face

his face starts to melt

his legs give way

but he doesn’t feel the pain

he is a lump of mass now

but I can still make out the hint of a grin

Now it is my turn

and I am not too sure

I feel my skin splitting open

but there is no pain

I rejoice in the pouring liquid

and forget everything about the day

days are the same here

and it is an eternity we have lived

but now I question it

why, I am not sure

I think I remember yesterday

i think I remember the time going in circles

i think I understand what is happening

i think I have seen the pattern

I pat the rhino again

steer clear from the bovines

I stand on the same balcony

overlooking the mayhem below

I feel the discontent rising in me

I feel it has to end

Come evening and the same ritual ensues

humans first take all the animals to wash

and then line up for the ritual bath

I am not too keen this time around

and I desecrate the age old wisdom of the land

I somehow keep away

and watch as others get lost

I feel my skin getting stretched and parched

I see some folks now

they bring me a liquid to apply

I put it on my body and am as good as new

they take me with them to a different land

and let me wander there

This land is a bit different

the time still goes in circles

but this time people persist

they are so many of them here

all alike, all image of one another

they walk as the sun goes up

they all seem happy

I see familiar faces now

I think I remember these faces

from a different life time

I walk along with them

but something is still wrong

none of them knows, why they are here

they say they are going for a ritual wash

this time they don’t melt

with eyes glazed they come out

and meet me for the first time again

time goes round in circles here too

and I have to look for a way out.

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Nothing enthralls me anymore, Nothing surprises me anymore, I know not the depth of my own soul, nothing allures me anymore..............
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Editorial Board

@Zyborg, It is such a pleasure to see the transformation in your were one of our earliest poets and it is heartening to note that your writing is so much more interesting and evolved now..Imagination like this is a gift very few have and you manage to convey so much meaning through your words..Kudos!



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