Angels Of The Golden Charge

Icarus’ ashes
Fight with the sun
And only for a moment
Magic ignites a frosty world

Locked in time
The first flake falls
Caught in rays parting clouds
The drying breath of the receding sun

Held by frost
By the breath of winter
Fragile, beautiful and unique
A harbinger of change, of solitude, of death

Time releases
The snowflake falls
With the earth it mixes
And legions follow its path

I will wait
Under this clouded veil
Until spring rises once again
Like a harbinger of change, of freedom, of life

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Though I have an extremely varied background I am currently a professor and business consultant specializing in start-ups, new products, innovation, entertainment, tech and crypto currency transactions and products.I have written novels, , non-fiction, magazine articles, web articles, poetry, and film scripts under various pseudonyms and on various subjects.
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