Sorry For Your Loss

Sorry For Your Loss long poem

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I feel so badly it ended so quick
before you discovered what makes me tick
so here are some things you won’t know about me
I love to sing albeit off-key
I dance very well, I won’t step on your feet
I never lie and I never cheat
I’m a ham at times, I talk too loud
I’m smart and funny, I’m kind and I’m proud
I’m afraid of heights and sometimes the dark
I can’t follow a map or parallel park
I love most people and wish them well
I can’t keep a secret I usually tell
I live to learn, I love to read
I’ve laughed so hard I’ve actually peed
I like the rain but not the snow
I kicked the fireplace and broke my toe
I crave the sun, I’d sit there all day
an ice-cold beer, a roll in the hay
music or bust tv is a bore
and when I love it’s right down to the core
I need to keep busy I’m rarely lazy
I think sane is boring, I prefer crazy
I like to take care of the older folks
I eat their candy and they laugh at my jokes
I have a sixth sense I can usually read ya
don’t stand still too long or I’ll probably feed ya
I love things familiar that fit like a glove
I believe In goodness, I believe in love
I feel things deeply, life can be sad
I dig writing poems just like my dad
so this is a sample as you can see
just a few of the things you won’t know about me

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Charlotte Dickson

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