Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception short poem

We’ll settle by the bar and watch
the women dance, then split a likely
pair when we think we stand a chance.
I’ve one eye on the bridesmaid with
the skirt that’s riding high, showing
off the daisy, tattooed upon
her thigh…

…The groom is still hung-over,
can’t find the pregnant bride. She dodged
into the boxroom, best-man by
her side…

…Mothers-in-law are screaming,
“war,” handbags all-aflail. Uncle
Jack is on his back. George is green
and frail…

…So we’ll linger here and
guzzle beer till the barman calls
the time. Then make a play for a
pair that sway – join the pantomime.

Hope you like the big one with the
bird’s nest in her hair. ‘Cos I’m heading
for the bridesmaid with the skirt that’s
riding high, showing off the daisy…

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In the early days I imagined myself wandering the lanes of England with a rucksack on my back and, maybe, something lively in my hip-flask. I saw myself sitting on a hill somewhere, scribbling poems and, hopefully, making enough to keep body and soul together. But life isn't like that and, after a few years at sea and in the army, I found myself with a wife and kids to keep. So now, with three novels wallowing on Kindle, I scribble the odd rhyme by way of a hobby and shove it on my blog. Hope someone out there finds them interesting.
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Bill Peeler

I found it interesting. Nothing like a rowdy wedding and bawdy guests.


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