O! Tree

O! Tree short poem

Photo by blinkingidiot

With roots wrinkled and parched, standing upright bluntly and lifelessly,
And the green cloak being lost and you adore a thin skin of brown rusty
bark falling in bits and pieces.
The long chain of ants are seen no more but an array of termites quickly
running to forage you, devour you…and one day shall leave you invisible.
The golden white globular fungi mushrooming on your lost body,
O! Dead TREE, I pity on You. Once you had a vast kingdom, Your lofty
branches arched the sky and dangled with the winds.
The chirping colourful birds took refuge on you. The butterflies swerved on
your soft buds and flowers. The agile squirrel ran from one end to the
other. The small aphids and an innumerable creatures teeming with life
sprawled on you sucking every bit of life from you and You gave
everything so selflessly and asking nothing in return.
Today, no birds sit, no butterflies hover. Your flowers do not bloom anymore.
The wrath and brutality of this mundane world has left you forlorn, all doomed, deserted and marooned.
And you kiss the blue sky no more, you wait till you mingle in the lowly
dust, far beyond the oblivion transcending into the elements with which
you were once made up of……..vanishing into nothingness from where you
were once conjured up

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very well written… again a master piece poet…

Geetha Paniker

Beautiful one about a tree.


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