Being Beautiful

Being Beautiful long poem

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As the ink flows and the heart glows,
While your words rejoice in an enormous light,
How do you come up with another set of questions?
And still have a peaceful plight..

Trust your instinct within,
Feed your fire, fuel your satire a little,
Come up with rage, positive though,
Run behind your passions, stay still & serene..

A diary full of words yet heart feels numb,
A silence full of you yet empty words again,
Was that something you were born for?
Ask yourself again, is your purpose so demeaning?

Yes, we all seek support, we all need push ups,
But that’s not all, that doesn’t define our being,
And if it does, my friend you have lost your way,
You have been astray,
Find yourself today,
Meet your best friend this evening,
It’s you, believe me it’s you my friend..

You feel alone, you feel left out, you feel it’s the end of this world,
Yes it is, because you said it, you believed it, you felt it,
You feel bright, you feel happy, you feel a lot has to be done,
Oh yes again, you made it happen,
How beautiful is this mess have you ever realized?
How surreal is this passion have you ever felt the rush?

A lot of questions, a lot of mundane answers,
A lot of answers without a set of questions,
This chaos, I see beauty in this chaos,
It keeps me alive,
I know the reason behind it now,
It’s all to keep me going,
It’s all because I need to be thriving,
Because if this spark will die, if this thought will be despised,
I won’t be in my spirits and again I will want to cry..

Don’t grow up because everyone is, Don’t let the child die within,
Everything around is just a movie,
If you know you are different, you are unique,
Feed that thought,
If you know you are born to rule,
Stand up for yourself and hold that head, high up..

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Ashwini Dodani

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