The Feel Of You

The Feel Of You short poem

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The hair coming to your face,
It just fascinates me;
The kinky smile giving it a grace,
Makes me lose the will to my soul that awaits me.

The tip of your nose,
Points towards my salvation;
Those softly elegant cheeks of yours,
What to say are a beautiful creation.

The big gold glittery eyes,
They possess a charisma;
As big as an ocean,
They could mystify a wise man’s persona.

So fair the colour,
Makes one want to imagine;
That how would it be like to taste,
The sweetness that would be better than a raisin.

Ask yourself once please,
The reason behind your demolishing beauty;
How easy for you is to tease,
And distract away a wise man from his duty.

I can thus just tell you this,
That you don’t know how lovely you are;
But I can make you remember this,
That how lovely you could be.

Shatter your terrific gaze at me,
O my beauty goddess;
Just come to reality, out of my dreams,
And let me take “the feel of “YOU”.

Lend yourself to me,
So I could take care of you;
Mend yourself for me,
So I get a share of “YOU”

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Akshay Sharma

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An enthusiast. A wanna be writer. Want to drown in the sea of POETRY. Just to see things in a distinguished way and penning every scene and moment down to beautify the things more.
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