Let Us…

Let Us... short poem

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The fanatics are but a handful
Let them not hold myriads in a fistful
Let them not desecrate our realms
Let not their tentacles crush us
The fanatics are but a handful
Let us defeat them in their demented schemes
Let us diffuse their phantasms
The fanatics are but a handful
Let our eye discern when something’s amiss
Let us be wary of stealth
Let us kindle our
perceptions to any trivial scruples
Let not the rabid handful prevail
We have access to bastions that the guards have not
They alone can quell them not
Come let us all together lend a hand to snuff out the insidiou

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Yes that is so so true of this age at the moment in the world. The peoples of the world no matter creed or culture should do this in your poem. It almost sounds a rap poem. If not I am sorry I don’t mean to insult the words.


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