Thought 4

Thought 4 long poem

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Winter fogs are delving over city
Like birds of prey with breathless cold
Each drop moistens your lips
Passing shivering kisses like beloved.
The last afternoon sun that brought comforting warm
Meekly knocking at the door of grey sky,
Her face is looking fresh and green
So the ferns on your house’s boundary
The lady who sweetens your last night is
Preparing morning tea and may
Offer another warm day before the owls cry.
Your heart looks frozen, vision refreshing,
The city lass hurrying her motion, looking fern.
Last night dreams were obnoxious and shortened
By lack of refreshing air,
The big leaves’ plant placed indoor
Refused to lose its folds
Complaining the same stuffiness that brought the early slumber
Passion of night slept well before meeting the quiet air chill and cold.
The city roads are silent
As if mourning for last winter’s deaths……..
Morning news breaking the party times
In cosy hotel taken on last night
With so many fairies dancing with clever faces.
Thy daughter is waiting for her school bus
Is closely followed by some hungry dogs whom she offers loaves,
The soft thinking and all tender gatherings of fancies in your heart
Withered with the fretful angry gentleman
Quarelling with a poor fish woman.
At nine you may put your new poem online
Staring at the gleaming screen of monitor
The dead fishes stared at you
Like the old beggar
Whose nonchalant beard hanging over empty bowls calling for pitying alms.
She sat on your lap, like a placid frame of assuring lover
Paying incisive gaze on the corner of your soul
Memories of childhood with her
Appearing red like roses of autumn bloom.
Self indulgence is the very word you ever paid a thoughtful scorn
When in classroom you saw a lady quite unlettered about eternity
Masquerading all academic will, being too indulgent on self looking
The fogs are in full swing over the places of higher learnings
Speeding air of demerits singing paean for unfit Aristotles
The teacher genuine is returning to oblivious recluse
Bidding his painstaking learnings an unnatural farewell
The parrots over the large trees are drumming the death of positive hour.
The lady you saw in last year class room
The lad you saw in the last bench of obscurity
Are all fogs, gliding for unknown world.

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Shuvo Chakraborty

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lecturer and advocate in university and incometax tribunal. an english poet and diehard follower of john keats
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