The Quit

The Quit long poem

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‘Twas the month before Christmas, I was feeling quite pleased
16 days since I smoked, 16 days since I wheezed
The ashtrays were stashed, my lighter long gone
The cravings more tolerable, not nearly as strong
I reminded myself. “don’t get too cocky
The road she is long, the road she is rocky
But part of me whispered, “You’ve got this thing beat”
“It wasn’t so hard, no big daring feat”
When out on the porch I heard a strange stirring
I tried to ignore it, it became quite alluring
I opened the door and turned to the noise
“Quiet” I whispered, “You’ll wake up my boys”
The dog had peed on the new fallen snow
So the yellowish white gave a nice subtle glow
When what to my disbelief should I see
But a sled full of cigarettes brought there for me
With a stained tooth driver who looked tired and sick
I knew in a moment it must be Sir Nic
He held out his arms and took hold my hand
And scolded me boldly for taking a stand
“Oh Charlotte you silly, you rebel, you dreamer”
“You can’t escape me I’m a powerful schemer”
“I’ll be with you forever, and that’s just plain facts”
“Now light up a smoke and you’ll finally relax”
So far, somehow, I had kept him at bay
But could I really keep up this fight every day?
He glared at me smugly, he knew I would cave
This addiction will follow me straight to my grave
I said “Give me a moment, I need time to think”
Then I noticed that instant he started to shrink
He said “I’m losing my patience, there’s no time to dally”
“Now go get your coat,we’ll smoke in the ally”
I didn’t budge, I held firm my stance
I said, “tighten your belt, you’re losing your pants”
“You were taller than me ten minutes ago”
“Either you’re losing ground or I’m starting to grow”
He said,”Don’t be daft, you’re not bigger than me”
Then he stretched up his arms and grabbed at my knee
Then I realized something I’ll never forget
Every craving I conquer the more desperate he gets
I said, “Beat it shorty, I’ve about had my fill”
“The ball’s in my court and it’s 16 to nil”
He said, “You’ve won this one but this much is true”
“I’ll be back, and you know it, I’m gunning for you
“When you’re stressed and tired and your life’s at it’s worst
I’ll see you again”

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Charlotte Dickson

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Ha Ha Loved it just love fun poems that mock the serious.
If this is you then keep it up Sir Nic is a killer.


The inner fight, the conscience within decides who wins…Awesome poem:)