Broken Man

Broken Man
When you’re down and out
Ain’t no friends about
Pissed off you could almost shout
But no one here to hear
No one comes near
Loneliness may be contagious
You can pick up ‘loser’ if you don’t wash your hands

Nobody digs a sour puss
Nobody digs a broken man

Can you count the times
You blew the minds
Of everyone
Who thought they knew you?
Can you count the times
They blew your mind
Like, they couldn’t even see you?

Dark shadows is where you hide
Hide from sharing what you hold inside
That every bit of friendship you gave or received
Actions of lab rats in a maze of make believe
When she left
Our friends left
Or at least left me

Loneliness is a disease
If I cough on you
You better run

The winds of remembrance
Pick me up
Spin me round and round
Throw me to the ground
I walk the land
A broken man…

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A beat poet/playwright. I have had 12 plays produced and 2 collections of spoken word released. I am presently preparing a one man show of beat verse that I hope to tour.
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A very powerful poem, my first thoughts after reading (keep up the fight) life does not allow you to be broken for long, I see in the poem that is understood too.

JG Collins.

Life is a 9 inning game, looks like you’re only in the 5th inning. You’ve got more game to play. Keep swinging the bat?


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