Tablets Of Stone

Tablets Of Stone
Have you walked among the tombstones
Have you seen what’s there
Words chiselled in the stone
Résumés of the departed, gone to seek redemption
Transformed into tablets made of stone.
Have you walked among the tombstones
Have you wondered who they were
The gathering, the multitude of dead
Known only to those who remember them
Did they live great lives of purpose
Did they wither in the shade
Did they know love and laughter,ugliness or pain
When they slipped into darkness did they find
their promised land or was there emptiness, nothingness, disappointment, despair.
There among the tombstones, the tablets made of stone
The questions wait unanswered, the answers unknown

Poet’s Note
I like old graveyards and the headstones are the only evidence that these were once people, now assuming the form of their headstone. Hence the image “tablets of stone”. Usually only name and date of death appear on the headstone and nothing of the person is known, except by family, and so I think about the person behind the name, their lives, loves, dreams etc. and of course am reminded of mortality and the fears that go with it.

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2 Comments on "Tablets Of Stone"

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Yes your poem is the truth, I do wonder myself at times, touch the stone to see if a memory lingers.
Sometimes a history to the stones. you can see past plauges when whole families died.
Only a whole natipon remembers when it is rows of stones for young soldiers.


Sorry NATION I look forward to reading more of your poems.


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