Deep Into The Sea

Deep Into The Sea short poem

Photo by Lars Plougmann

As I slowly walk into a fine sunny day,
Gently picking and kicking the white sand along the bay,
I look at the sea and begin closing my eyes,
feel the coldness of the air that soothes me,
And opening my imagination into the deep blue sea.

I saw different kinds of fishes circling around me,
I saw lots of corals and shells looking at me,
I stepped on the pure white sand wrapping on my feet and massaging me,
I saw every creature living deep in the sea harmoniously.
It was a sight to behold,
Some creatures that have never been told,
A species that balance our Dear Mother Earth,
memories that only in my Imagination I can divert.

I close again my eyes and travel into the sea,
But not alone because I hold my special someone’s hands within me.
We go diving for awhile, exploring more of the things we called plenty,
Together, with love and care that everybody would envy.
I saw the happiness in your eyes,
You never stopped smiling while holding my hands
If you only knew how much I care and love you,
Even the deeps of the sea proves the love I want to show to you.

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Reagan Latumbo

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Singer. Poet Writer.I love singing and singing will always be my stint forever.Just like what I have said above, I am totally a lover of poems.I wrote straight from the heart, from my experience.I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English in the Philippines.I dreamed of publishing some of my poems I wrote a few years back until now.
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Ah so much love at its peak a total sharing this poem gives one a nice peacful feeling inside. So love does exist wonderful.


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