Amazing Spring

I lay my head down on nature’s pillow
Feel the warm sunlight and winds blow
Sky is absolutely a pretty blue diamond
Always pleasant to see like chewing an almond

Soft white clouds tickle the glowing trees
Make them laugh in joy and happiness
Come rebirth with me under the sunshine
As the winter does slowly, slowly resign

Golden rays reflect their shadows in a stream
Welcome spring, it’s far better than a dream
Hear the music of green grass, my heart starts to sing
Clear water makes them emeralds, It’s amazing spring

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2 Comments on "Amazing Spring"

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I lay my head down on natures pillow — a beautiful expression and poem loved it.

Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

Starred. Your beautiful words are twinkling like beautiful stars. I LOVED it. THANKS for sharing. CHEERS INDRA.


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