A Love Affair

A Love Affair short poem

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My love affair with trees started
when I was oh so young. The swing
on a branch at the end of my garden
is where it had all begun. I swung
back and forward, singing little
tunes to the tree and birds above.
They joined in the chorus with sweet
love. In later years I carved my name
with a lover or two. The tree did not
mind a jot, as many lovers’ names
adorned its bark. Further years
rolled on and I studied their diseases,
listened to their creaking, and wheezes.
When tired or sad would hug a tree
and receive comfort you see. They stand
so majestically and tall through the years.
I have aged faster than them. Have more
wrinkles on my face and skin. Their bark
still the same, gnarled and brown. My
hair, a straight white crown. Our lives
have always been entwined and when
I am gone they will still be around.
Lovers’ history and much more,
etched on their outer skin for all

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I love writing and reading poems, not so much the classics these days but knew fresh stuff I find that exciting. New styles and new ideas. Some people paint, or write books or do crafts to get the inside out, me I do poetry and read the inside of folk I love to write fun and nature poems the best though.
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18 Comments on "A Love Affair"

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What a hard truth of life and love!

Akhtar Jawad

It’s a wonderful poem on trees. I have read so many poems on trees but this poem is a different poem. It’s truly beautiful.

Swathi Rao

Nature makes me feel the same. Nice poem!!


beautiful poem to read

Darren Scanlon

Loved it Johanna. I too have written a couple of times about trees. They are so tall and long-lived. If they could tell of all the y have seen through the centuries…

Ramapriya Nr

A true Lover of the woods bringing in such a romantic feelings

Geetha Paniker

Beautiful poem on trees.

ammu sachariah

j.rid, I was searching for all your poems. I am happy now. I got it. I enjoyed this poem.Since a long time I could’nt hear anything fr.om you.(I mean no comments on my poems.) I always enjoyed your poems as well as your comments
Waiting for more poems.

Randall Smith

From when you sat in the swing and sang to the wrinkles on your face and the bark you are a part of the tree. You place us there with you and I can hear the breezes . Such a good write.


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