Yes A Princess!

Swaying in my dream
Of blissful tomorrow
Bearing within future mine
Dreaming the dreams of mother to be

Days are small weaving for you
A feather like sweater with a red bow
Nights are longer as I think of you
My thoughts wandering unhindered

Days I count
Few more months left
Smile on my lips await
To blossom when you cry

Are you a princess of my dream
Or a prince, a playful one?
My feminine mind wishes
You be a princess..

A sweet baby you shall be
Playing in here,
Lap of your mother to be
Few more years, you shall run then
Like a soothing breeze
Spreading aroma all around
Your mother will laugh when you giggle
And shall caress when you weep

Days will roll on and years leap
And you shall be a grown up woman
You then shall be my graceful girl
Kind daughter of a proud mother
You shall reach heights unreached
Surpassing the dreams of your mother

What I hear today, a flower being plucked?
Not by beasts but by men?
Trampling it under their foot?
Smashed off the dreams of little girl?

I heave a sigh in despair
My heart weeps in distress
For the mother more dead than alive..

It’s so dreadful, that my dreams are no more sweet
Lost its tenderness, yet not its strength
Oh, my girl,. I will then teach you more to fight than to grow
Teach you the hardness and bitterness of this world
Will teach you
Good look, bad look
Good touch, bad touch
Good laugh, bad laugh
Pepper spray,defence move

Will then I let you fly like bird?
Or bind you like kite?
For I fear, your dreams being killed
And my hopes being smashed

If you were a prince..
No fear then,
No tears too
Teaching him would be simple
Just to be a Man and respect Women

Harder it may be, to rear a princess
And letting you fly like a bird..
But fighter you will grow to be
Flying the flight of a free bird!
Yes a Princess, Yes a Princess!

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Abhaya Diwakar

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For some, life is a search for truth. That's the struggle in their life. For me, I have found the truth. My struggle is to stand by it.
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Oh my heart tugged reading this poem so deftly writen, the message loud and clear. Sad very sad and I wish life to be different. I know you know the difference of touches of man. A brilliant poem by the way.


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