Ambition short poem

Since decades long ago, one wish unreached,

Still haunts my soul with all tenacity;

I know the Devil has my fences breached,

And might have crept right through my sanity;

The call of pride keeps dinning in my ears,

Like trumpets of approaching cavalries,

My action so deferred to later years,

Has youth and wasted time as penalties;

But life unsung lays bare before Death’s door,

As reckoning recounts of feats achieved,

The annals of the simple and the poor,

Boast not of pages proud to be perceived;

…That lends to epitaph with gilt-edged name,

…Down under, the miasma is the same.

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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

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♪ ♫ Well, I guess, it could be said that if my knowledge and wisdom were converted to wealth, I may humbly say, in all honesty, that I am not a millionaire. But if out of my two cents, you would agree to accept one of it, then, I could proudly say, in all modesty, that I have done charity.♥
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Editorial Board

The cadence and coherence of words in your writing never ceases to surprise and enchant @Reyvrex_Reyes ..Brilliant piece of writing!

Jesus Diaz Llorico

delicate expression of emotions… beautiful..


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