Picking Up The Pieces

Picking Up The Pieces short poem

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How do you pick up the pieces of your own broken heart,
When each individual piece is like a shard of glass?
How does one even know how or where to start,
When it’s not exactly taught at school in a class?

How do you keep your fears at bay, and not drown in your own tears,
When all you can really do is hide away and cry?
How do you push through every strife, and go on with life through the years,
When your thoughts have no end and all you can do is sigh?

You know, it’s really easier than it seems.
You just have to take a step back.
Look at how, even after a storm, the sun again beams.
That could be you, so cut yourself some slack.

Sometimes you’re less broken than you feel.
(Life) It’s not always going to be an easy ride.
You’ll have to work on it everyday in order to properly heal.
But you have to push and get better to validate your pride.

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Makaylah Downs

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I am currently just a 17 year old, senior in high school, who uses poetry as an outlet for the good and the bad of my reality. I write to forget and I write to remember. I'm inspired by so many things, whether it be music, lyrics, poetry, stories, or experiences of mine or others. I just hope that one day my poetry can speak to someone the way many poets works have spoken to me. With that being said, I hope you guys enjoy my poems!
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29 Comments on "Picking Up The Pieces"

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beautiful rhyme scheme and poem too 🙂

Akhtar Jawad

A beautiful poem, I was reminded of my poem that follows:-

A Broken Doll
When someone broke my heart,
One never knew one was sitting in my heart,
I am not picking broken pieces of my heart,
I am picking pieces of someone,
Shall I succeed in joining the pieces,
I think I shall,
But the spots of the joints,
Will make the doll ugly,
And the doll would not like to see herself,
In a mirror any more.

(Being misbehaved by my sweetest child)

Your poem is much superior to that of mine.

ratnaprabha raykar

a very beautifully written piece. You are bound to go places!

Emily Liang

A poem with very true emotions, and very empowering. Keep writing! 😀

Abhi J

lovely poem 🙂

Himanshu Bageshara

Makaylah, your poem – tremendous! I enjoyed it all the way through. It questions me about the pain, somewhat same mutual pain that every person goes through his/her life. Hi5 for that! All I want you to is pay a little more attention to the emotions part. The poem did carry a feeling but I know you can do better than this. And yeah, don’t stop writing. It’s a pleasure to read from you. And I request you to check out my poems as well. Thanks very much. 🙂 Cheers, bud!


Wonderful rhythm…………

Subhani Rath

nice poem!!!

Nakshatra Verma

I’m so fond of your poems..The way you write the poems ..oh magnificent

Martha Gettle

a lovely poem with a good message

Prajvi Mandhani

I am really a fan of your poems because they are so beautifully written with such alluring words that once you start reading you are completely dissolved In it

Viswas Menon

well written in the traditional kind of manner…with rhyme and all…
very expressive and emotive…liked the way you ended with optimism …
keep loving…


A salute to your optimism in this dark world! loved your description of hardships. nice work..

Subhani Rath

beautiful piece of poem…..


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