I’m Turning Fifty

Im Turning Fifty prose poem

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Oh My “I’M Turning FIFTY”

I remember as if I was just a little girl and did not have a care in the world. I saw myself and said gee I cant wait to grow up!

I went to middle school and thought I was grown I still played with dolls ,but, mostly while I was alone. I tried to act grown around some of my friends , but at home I would never pretend, I enjoyed being the baby and enjoyed the attention so true, I would tell my father “I will never leave you”.

I went to junior high and think I was grown, yet gee compared to many there I was still no one .

Ah at last comes High School I am grown I can wear makeup , and be someone, but wait time is moving a little too fast , I never
got a chance to make somethings last. The friendships I had in those previous years seem that most of my friends have all gone or disappeared.

Oh no now its college I must go away, a chance for freedom that is what many say, but as they go and see things are not the same, gee can I go back to my MOM and stay???

Graduation time and “Oh my”, I must find a job, the pressure is on , my finanical aid is all gone. I have loans and payments I never think they will end ,and now is rent and do I really want to live with my college friend??

I met a great person we seem to click, I hope they see us together and we can make it stick
A wedding, a house and children to come , should we live in the city or should we live near no one, so many choices it hard to decide where did time go, I remember being twenty five.

So my birthday is around the corner to speak, I can’t accept it I will be a old Geek??? I hear many say be happy you made it this far, many your age don’t get very far. I agree , but something in me knows that is true, I wish I can go back and change some things, maybe there is part of me that wish somehow I did . I love my life and my spouse and kids , but I sometimes wish I could go back and be a kid.

When I did not have to worry about bills or rent, if the tuition was paid or even con ed. I never had to worry about kids givng me grief, I never give the credit my parents deserve, I look back on those years that have gone by and say boy I had a great young years

I have to be happy and even blessed I made it this far and I must confess, I have a lot to still accmplish that is true,and my next birthday that comes around I will not be so blue. My grandmother always says “Age is just a number” she would say agian, I guess now I comprehend
It is a number I have to accept I can’t give it back but must accept , let me not look at it as a number you see , but as an achievement and one I have achieved .

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Lovely poem expressing something so true – as we age and age , we would love to go back to be young again and repainted or rewrite what we had done, just as the young want to grow up we want to grow younger!


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