A Fallen Leaf

A Fallen Leaf short poem

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‘Perhaps a person will pick me up and crunch me in the palm into plenty of pieces’

The strong leaf I used to be
Had watched others weaken and fall, Being trampled on and drying up
Or carried away by muddy soles, Even strong leaves fall off eventually

I struggled as my stalk got weaker And the unexpected tearing pain
My cries of help me were in vain
The timing was wrong but others rejoiced
I should have known it was imminent!
If only I could glide up and grow back!

Sadly gliding down to the ground
A soft wind cooled my soreness
My moist will dry up, my color will fade
No more suppleness, no more softness
My colleagues continued dancing in the sky
I lay still, meditating on my evident loss

Fallen further from the sun into the shadow
No longer in pain of breaking away but;
Wallowing in regret for not being firmer

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6 Comments on "A Fallen Leaf"

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A sad poem but dried up leaves create breeding ground for the future, sorry that was my first thoughts after reading. I see snowdrops peeking through the dried up leaves today. I loved the poem

Shamala Chandran

A dried leaf draws a parallel to the old age we face and how the once strong body slowly looses strength. Beautiful description.

Geetha Paniker

The cry of a falling leaf. Lovely.


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