The weight of a Shadow

The weight of a Shadow short poem

Laying in the Shadow.

Discerning the light from far away.

His agony now weighed infinitesimally lesser;

The force of the massless photons

Not pushing on him again.

Masquerade, oh masquerade !

Never shedding off thy veil.

The guise which destroyed

Him. Never to be revealed.

Steps into light today

To be surrounded by darkness again.

Better stay in the Shadow.

The reality too enigmatic to bear.

The Shadow of a higher dimension?

Pushing him down, to abstain.

No, it is his own

Inner demon again.

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Ratnesh Madaan

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Jack of a few trades. Engineer in making. Serial hobbyist. Starting reading a few months ago.
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Editorial Board

A dramatic yet insightful poem about the demons that haunt us, the shadows that we see..

The poet’s description is as below:
For the never-acquainted-with-science readers : Checkout radiation pressure. No need to go deep. Massless and photons are metaphors for (?) anyway.
Shadow : Jungian archetype.
Light and Darkness are metaphors for (?) : Yes, depending on the reader’s interpretation, both his different states of mind as well as for his own psyche as a whole and the society’s convictions.


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