Mysterious Nature

Mysterious Nature prose poem

Photo by h.koppdelaney

Why do you elude me the way you do?
How many mysteries are you carrying within yourself?
Why do I feel I am a part of you?
The treasure that you carry within you is far richer
then the materialistic things that I see around me…
Black Drongo, black yet love tailed…
Ducks and Geese together, so different yet so one with each other,
Vibrant and colourful: scaly-breasted munia, rose-ringed parakeets, spot-billed ducks,
Indian Golden Oriole
with Myna and Egrets all one with you…
Cuckoo calling at the far corner, announcing the advent of spring…
Indian roller and kingfisher…
Greater Coucal, Sparrow and Barbet…
All I see coming alive in you!
How much they throb with life and so one with you…
And, as I talk of them…
I feel! I know them better than anyone else around here…
Tears streaming down as I can feel one with you,
so, much peace and love, when I am around you!
As if some long lost dream, awakens in me!
To RELIVE what has been left, again in YOU!

The Empathizer!

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Arati K Thakur

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I am what I am, and if You think U can change me,than its only possible through LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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