Mother’s Day

Mothers Day short poem

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No love on this earth, can define in words our Love and Respect for you,
it’s the Unconditional Love that you keep bestowing on us,
that keeps us alive and kicking!
You are the epitome of discipline and strictness,
and, though amazingly practical, you get tensed if any of us are in pain!

While you share your heart out with Didi,
You have an uncanny telepathy with Bhai,
And, when it comes to me,
You become unconditionally protective and possessive about me,
Wanting to blow off, anyone who hurts me….
We know you Love us a lot!

We can never forget, the pain you have undergone to get us educated
with Life being a series of ups and downs!
We are what we are today, because of you…
You being our pillar of strength, when we lose HOPE!
Being the youngest, I have always loved your Loving rebuke,
because that’s when your Unconditional Love flows….

Today, as we are settled in three different directions,
the only thing we fight for is your presence.
While, seeing you Smiling and Laughing is a bright sunny experience,
It’s your presence and blessings,
that makes Our Life a Paradisiacal Experience!

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Arati K Thakur

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I am what I am, and if You think U can change me,than its only possible through LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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