Siblings Lane

Siblings Lane long poem

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I fall back into time and remember
how loving and caring both of you were…
What great time we had together….
Be it our Verbal Duel in English,
Or, rickshaw journey to School together.
After school snacking of Kachori and Gupchup.
Or green lime soda of 10 paisa!
I was so lucky to be the youngest;
as I kept on saving, while you spent it all!

While, YOU had a gala time pulling my leg,
I like an idiot believed it all!
Jealous of the chemistry both of you shared,
I failed to understand how protective you both were..
You blew off the cobwebs of stage fear in me,
Instilling Confidence and Motivation indeed,
you groomed me so well….
that I tasted success, with anything around,
Be it Debate, Declamation or Sports ground.
You yourself a Fire brand instilled the FIRE in me!
Which says, “Never Give Up, Darling? Just Carry on….

I wore my first jeans, because of you Didi,
And, can never forget the pain, you took to get it done!
You had a style of your OWN,
with a strong conviction for sure!
Your taste in clothes and colour is so good,
that it has always kept me hooked!
Reading books and calligraphy became your forte
but, your flair in English, will always keep me captivated!
You are my Icon, and I know
I still have a long way to go!

Bhai was so shy and reserved,
Yet, he always understood as to what I felt!
I had idolized him for so long,
that I know for sure, he could never be wrong!
I always feel so entranced, when he is around…
that words evaporate in air, whenever I try to speak or share….
Live life simply- is what he has taught.
Applying knowledge to learning is what he brought,
Trust me, your lessons have helped me a lot!
As, I keep on feeling awestruck!

Words can never suffice my regard for YOU,
I feel LUCKY to have SIBLINGS like YOU!
On this SIBLING Day, I want to say,
I want to remain your sibling, for any number of births I take!
How proud and happy I am to have SIBLINGS like YOU!
Happy Siblings Day, to BOTH of YOU!

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Arati K Thakur

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I am what I am, and if You think U can change me,than its only possible through LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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