Ode To Thoughts Lost

Ode To Thoughts Lost ode

Photo by Fey Ilyas

The aisles in my brains
Twist into crooked lanes
They curve and bend
Around corners on end

As I think, a bulb flickers on;
Proverbially almost.
Illuminating the sidewalks
Dimly, then brightening up,
Then blacking out at the epitome of my thought.
If I was about to reveal some profound mystery,
I will never know.

All I know is my thought has lost its way in my brain.
It is wandering.
Passing through walls.
Looking for a way out.

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Grace Mathew

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Hello there you. I'm just a 16 year old trying to find her place in life at this moment. I may already have found it but I keep searching. Isn't that what we're supposed to do? Why settle? I live in Mumbai, India. I love this city and this life. My poems are a 100% authentic. Happy reading!
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I enjoyed your poem and yes life is full of doors, or pages to turn, adventures too and of course mysteries. Enjoy them as life is just a dot in the space of time. But yes I indeed enjoyed reading.


Brilliant write…..


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