Into Darkness

Into Darkness short poem

Photo by Hamed Saber

How quickly this dark hour has descended.
I find myself cornered in this room with death.
Visitors come and go in somber procession.
I see them as if from a great distance.

When finally alone with you….
probably for the last time,
I find my words have flown and
only my eyes still speak.

They seek deeply into yours.
We meet in that wondrous place
we dwelled for a magic time.
I drink you in once more.

I hold you close, as if in
circling you in my arms
I can keep your spirit
from fleeing your body.

My desperation fills the air,
along with flowers fading there.
I weep softly and mourn the
passing of love’s fragile and transient bloom.

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3 Comments on "Into Darkness"

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Oh Linda I wanted to send a hug after reading this very sad and heartfelt poem. Beautiful really.


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