The Tears Fall

The Tears Fall long poem

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I keep thinking
That the tears will stop
That in time,
They’ll just fade

But the more the days and months pass
The harder they come,
Each time I cry
I could just fall into an abyss

I want to run so far away
It’s hard to keep it together
I just want to scream and let it all out
But it just doesn’t happen

So much heart ache
So much pain
I just want to hide away
And never surface again

The tears run down my face
And the sobbing won’t stop
Every time I turn around lately
They get harder to stop

Screaming, but no one hears me
The pain of the heart
Is just so damn personal
But it’s getting harder and harder to hide

Salty, stinging my face
Trying to pretend
Just to get through another day
The tears just don’t stop

The makeup running down my face
Leaving smudged eyes
And the obviousness of pain
Pain that just won’t go away

Trying not to show what I feel is weakness
I know it’s not for others
But a tear is a part of me,
I’d rather not have known

The deepest part of my soul
The part very few have ever seen
The part that holds my deepest pain
The part of me, that remains locked and unknown

The pain will never go away
I keep hoping it gets easier
But it doesn’t
The tears keep falling

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Katrina Drover

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I have 2 beautiful daughters, 2 adorable step-sons and am married to the most incredible man in the world. I have some great family and friends and altho my life has its upsetting moments, it's all so worth it in the end. i love you guys<3<3<3I write poetry. I come off as being a bit of a hardcase but once you get to know me, I'm one of the nicest people. I'm a really big softie I cry at disney movies lol. I'm 5'7" with a slim figure and I have hazel eyes. I'm always changing my hair colour. I wear glasses. I'm not perfect and I tend to be fairly outspoken. I am who I am and I'm not going to change for anyone as people have tried to change me. It hasn't worked. You can take away my self-esteem self confidence and self respect but you will never take away my pride
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stupendous man

No one wants to hear the sounds of your sorrow over their own, such is the human nature, but that shouldn’t stop you from screaming, scream your heart out, let the tears run, so you’ll find the one who’d come and wipe it down ur cheeks and ask you never to cry again!

Makaylah Downs

This is so heart achingly beautiful.


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