The Wall

The Wall short poem

Photo by Hamed.Al-Raisi

I thought I would fall,
but there was an invisible wall…
remember that scary doll,
then I could hardly crawl…

I thought I would fall,
but there was an invisible wall…
Everything was strange and new,
mom I was looking for you…

I thought I would fall,
but there was an invisible wall…
It was a race to the top,
but I tried not to stop…

I thought I would fall,
but there was an invisible wall…
He was tall and fair,
how could I not stop and stare…

I still feel myself fall,
I hope there is an invisible wall….

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Ayndrilla Ghosh

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A simple human being trying to give back something to the world in the form of art and creativity, for each piece i write is a part of me.
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12 Comments on "The Wall"

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Swathi Rao

Intriguing.. Nice lines..

Shamala Chandran

Hope the invisible wall is always around for you!

Ramapriya Nr

Beautifully scripted poem. very innovative. keep up the good work

Viswas Menon

Wonderful conceptualization….well scripted ….stimulating….keep it up!!!

asoke kumar mitra

very good write. invisible…..the imagery well crafted……..


The content and form both are innovative. I like it.


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