The Beach

The beach stares at the sea..
But what does he really wait for?..
The waves
The sea keeps throwing waves at the beach.
The beach loves the waves..
Everytime a new wave arrives,she plays with the beach..titilates his sand particles..
The wave plays with the kids on the beach..
He knows the wave is not going to stay forever..she will come all of a sudden..spend some time and disappear..
He doesn’t mind that..because he knows that again a new wave shall come..she will come with a new pinch of smile …

But then, there are some waves which crash on the beach with force brutal enough to destroy the beach..she can demolish everything the beach loves..everything he cares for..

When she finally recedes..the beach is devastated..and look at that wave..well she doesn’t seem to get affected at all…

Finally the beach crumbles up his sand..finally he overcomes the injuries inflicted..and there he is..ready to welcome the new wave..

The question that pings is..
How much can he endure??
How many times can the beach sustain the pain inflicted by the wave till he finally crumbles??
How many times will he be able to gather the grains of sand back after they are dissipated by the heartless wave??

No…time , albeit being the best healer, is not the healer of all..

The answer remains unknown..even to the beach…

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