Facade short poem

We often wear the masks to hide,

To fit in more, to better survive.

Hide behind the complicated smiles,

Confident, no one would catch our lies.

Nothing seems a bit real now,

Even the shadow now takes a bow.

We lose a trace of who we are,

What the world sees, or what lies afar.

Behind the veil of success and fame,

Are buried desires to dance in the rain,

To laugh when the world tells to smile,

To truly live and not just better survive.

For the facades we pay a heavy price,

Lose our grin for a wry social smile.

If the world is made of you and me,

Can’t we embrace all and spread the glee.

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We are sum total of our mistakes...hope life gives enough chances to rectify them :)
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Editorial Board

@lata, a truly insightful piece of writing, so relevant in today’s times where genuineness is so rare to find. The words are formed beautifully and convey your thoughts so succinctly. Nice!


To express one’s feeling with such lucidity in simple language. … Beautifully written…. Kudos to You… 🙂

Satinder Kaur
Satinder Kaur

Hey Lata !! Loved the way you have expressed truth of present daylife 😉 keep your spirits high and continue sharing inspiring stuff

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Eastern Philosophy puts everything in a state of illusion, only the soul is real. That makes the physical as mere mask of the spiritual.



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