Winter Morning

Winter Morning ode

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The green leaves of weeping willow,on the lawns,
Blocking my sky view,
The natural leaves’ curtains covering my bed room windows.
But at least I can watch beautiful birds and butterflies
Hopping and chirping on trees branches.
A beautiful squirrel with gorgeous tail,
Nibbling walnuts on my window ledge,
Occasionally peeping in my room.
Sun drenched trees and display of horticulture,
Bonsai ornamental plants enhancing the beauty of gorgeous lawns,
Fully nurtured.
Daisies,gardenias,roses and white lilies,
Are blooming,blushing and dancing in series.
Wow! an amazing art display on the lawns,
The fragrance of flowers,a soothing balm.
The amazing designer designs innumerable variety,
His marvellous designs are the blessed boon for human society.
Fabulous palm trees dancing in cool breeze,
Mind bewitching by sprawling farms of green peas,
Drinking sugarcane juices instead of morning tea,
Eating freshly fried potatoes and jade green peas.

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Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

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I am a graduate in psychology from Aligarh Muslim university Aligarh.I got my early education from Lucknow and Faizabad.I started writing poetries from the age of seventeen.i've written1000 poems in English and Urdu.still scribbling more poems.
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Loved your poem, it danced from one scene to another and I could see them all. Mother Nature is lovely when left to her own devices.

Saurin Desai

i can see the colours of nature in my head as I read your words


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