Silence long poem

When there is nothing

and no one else,

there is Silence…

The one companion

who is but a thought away.

In the midst of every strife,

in all of one’s traumas

or the most peaceful or joyful times,

the moment I cherish most;

when I am able to step away from it all,

with just silence

besides and inside of me

and feel the intensity right down to my soul.

If I were to assign imagery to silence,

to give it a form,

I would think of it as a cloud –

A warm, billowing, soothing, downy cloud

that envelops and gathers one in its midst.

It cushions the heart

and it moistens the calcification in one’s soul,

built by the vagaries

of human temperaments and transactions.

In the evergrowing aural tempo of the world,

it is increasingly difficult

to commune with Silence.

The ethereal silence of each breaking dawn

which is like a remnant of divinity

is fragmented by the ringing of bells in temples,

the chanting of mantras,

the singing of prayers etc.

all supposed means of salvation

or the source of finding the fount of eternal peace!

If silence is to be a by-product of solitude,

I would willingly choose to isolate myself

from the trappings of a world

so enchanted by oral acoustics

and retreat to a place where

there is a minimised need for empty words.

However, there are acts to perform,

duties to fulfil and roles to confirm to..

So I have built an alternate world inside of me,

a kind of parallel reality

and while the functional part of me

dwells in the so called ‘real’ world,

the real ‘ME’ lives in that world of my creation.

And it is here that I retreat to,

at any time, any place, from any situation.

I can view, from the vantage point

of the everlasting Silence that exists there,

all that happens with me in the real world.

I have learnt to step outside of myself

and be an observer

to my own life

from my alternate reality,

accompanied by faithful Silence

to calm and engulf me

with its reassuring presence.

All of the cosmic manifestations then

seem to be in unison

with a greater whole

and Silence is the door

that shall lead me through,

to the other side…

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3 Comments on "Silence"

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Rocean Sharma

wow… I was glued in till the last word.. kudos..! 🙂


Beautifully written Nupur.. So enjoyed reading this…

Jayshree Murali



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