Beautiful Creation

Beautiful Creation prose poem

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A little fairy popped her head from a beautiful little house
A glistening rainbow in a shimmering sky felt elated
a scream slipped by Oh what a beauty
and the rainbow caught the glimpse of the little fairy shouted with joy oh so beautiful ,
a blooming tree, a lovely grove saw fluttering butterflies
felt a deep joy and whispered in unison oh so beautiful
and the butterflies when beheld the luscious grove exclaimed with joy beautiful ,
a beautiful place where everyone bursting with happiness not knowing they are beautiful
for everyone is the reason of all beauty
but a child who saw the whole laughed oh god what a beautiful creation

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Kavita Jain

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a woman who sees the mystic beauty in nature , faith in a majestic creator and love to read the words that come from the depth of heart
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A lovely poem with a beautiful message. Oh some butterflies fly across the oceans for thousands of miles, fragile looking but oh so strong.


The images you draw are crystal clear and you take to the beautiful place through your words. Loved to read it.

Himaja meka

“A glistening rainbow in a shimmering sky felt elated” ….perfect saying! Love it


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