Speak To Me

Speak to me in the lone nights, when all but your eyes watch
The crowded clouds up, and the grunting dogs under lights,
Empty and flare-smooth shadows of us may join in perfect
Calmness and stunning peace of night;

A stethoscope is your eyes measuring the heat I bear,
Holding my hands, you murmur medicines, over the forehead
You flatten your kiss, a surgery with love; I open eyes
And getting cured, your magic is at night when all peacefully sleep.

You may remember the vehicles which passed, when you lay on
My lap, you were smiling like a star and saying of thieves, who go
For hunting jewels and food, vehicles are after them, but the moon
Just steals my waiting and that’s what I have in now, in my lap.

Speak to me now, it’s night and moonlit trees gazing at me,
Some stories left to hear from you, older than you and smoother
Than sorrows, speak to me like you haven’t met me for ages, fill all
Darkness with lights of your teeth, the lantern I forgot to take!

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Nisha Neverland Haha

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I don't care who read this is the one who really like me or not.But i welcome both....I can't make deep friendship with strangers.I do not give importance to gender but consider both men and women as persons.Love animals.Do not treat them as a third rate party and human as gods.I have my own world which is entirely different from material world.I try not to gossip.I hate the attitude of most of the women.Do not like the concept of family life in India where everyone adjust with each other,but secretly blaming one another;where women themselves declare that they are born to cook and suggest others that after marriage they have to leave their dreams,wake up in the early morning,hear to husbands as:"This is my house,you have to obey me, otherwise leave home".Do not like to shut doors towards stars and night.Like walking at night.Like to travel to all beautiful places.Like to spend some time alone.Write poems.Have very few selected friends.Loves animals more than human beings.Hate narrow mindedness.If love a person it will be extreme.Otherwise zero.Give prime importance to freedom.Don't like anyone overrule me.Love past.Not perfect and too good.But not bad.Not intelligent and wise.Like fancy.Have so many limitations.My world is not filled with a lot of money, a big house,husband,children,property,egos,pride;but with smile, stars,mother, Kuttu,flowers,nights,dreams,travels,my lost home,hills,imaginary friends,colours.............I am childish but I can understand some people,a lot of animals..I am not confident but I will not do anything if I really do not feel that.I am stupid but I can understand that.I want to laugh a lot..I love one or two feel only for some,but I cannot leave anyone alone.I am afraid of death and the way of dying and suffering but ready to give my own life instead of someone's.I like to sleep.Don't want to get disturbed in sleep.In brief, believe me,I'm not too good and don't want to be.If I am negative or positive that is my own IDENTITY.
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Editorial Board

@ nisha_neverlandhaha, a whimsical poem, witty and somewhat a rhapsody. It delves on love but finishes off with a philosophical retort. Interesting piece.


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