My Grandpa…

My Grandpa... short poem

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A Grandfather means so many things…
He gave me the power to become a king
He gave me life and a freedom for swing
He gave me a gift of Santa and tied a string.

A source of strength and support
He gave me happiness a fish and a boat
He never kept me like a prison goat
He told me to become a king and conquer a fort

He is my friend
I like the time with him to spend
He is my friend of this generation trend
And our friendship will never end

But what I thought was wrong
God took him away for a long
I don’t have anything to tell and just music which is sad song
And I will take him back from god after I become strong

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Somil Shah

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I am a child author. I would really like if you read my poems. I just don't but bring my dream to the original. I have got all my thinking's on the paper. I wrote and got encourage from the best person on the earth that's my heavenly Grandfather. H e is no more in this world but he is the one from whom I got inspired.
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Well done you Somil. This is a wonderful tribute to a much loved grandfather. He loved you too and would have tears in his eyes if he could read this and be very proud of his grandson. Keep writing this is wonderful stuff.


You are most welcome and I truly look forward to reading more of your work.


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