The World’s Astray

The Worlds Astray short poem

Photo by Adriano Agulló

Two faces the world has,
filled with pretensions,
brimmed with affectations.
It is difficult to discern fake or real

A smile stuck on every lip;
whether con or genuine –
Arduous to fathom.
A veil as if to hide the adder,
venomous in its strike.

Hypocrisy and prudery thrives
wherever eyes alight-
Truth and trust , despised
as filthy pieces of trash,
oblivious to the world’s sight.

Tis all ‘Black’ today;
traces of ‘white’ nowhere to be found-
‘White’ an aberration nowadays;
glaring, incongruous and discordant,
repudiated by time’s pace.

“Be Mavericks, eschew mendacity;
shun ’em, abrogate ’em – Be
intrepid- utter the ‘Truth’
forbidden by people- ensues if
unceasing derision, budge not.”

Nocturnal, diabolical, infernal humanity
stands on a predicament.
A mayhem of its own making,
to toss it on its three-pronged fork;
In Acheron- the Archfiend’s waiting.

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Sandip Pal

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A person who hates hypocrisy..likes fairness in dealings..and according to me a person must know to what an extent intrusion in a private boundary is preffered..
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