Sunshine short poem

Photo by Pusteblumenland

Beautiful colors are filling my day
with a smile I just walk a long the way

people are passing by and greeting me
’cause they see, what I see

I’m not more, not less, just a girl with a voice
and like me or not, it’s up to you, that’s your own choice !

If the world accepts each other, like you can do,
than we can see in each other’s eyes, the only truth.

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Hello folks,let me tell a little bit about myself;I live in Europe and write poetry since I'm 13,my favorite genre is Fantasy and I like to rhyme,I can't live a day without listening to music :)Hope this is enough . . . feel free to interact me(;Love: BubblingMe
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A beautiful poem . Felt happy reading it .


Ha Ha Bubblingme I have been waiting for your poem to pop up and here it is, just as I expected full
of bubbling fun, with a message too. I enjoyed reading.


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