Of Lies And Life

Of Lies And Life short poem

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Hey, why are you so afraid?
To hide, mask your face, to go undercover
Scurrying in the piercing golden arrow rain of the sunrays
Finding for a fool proof shelter
So that nobody will know who you are inside.
A plastered-on smile, oh yeah, I’m fine
Lollipop red lipstick coupled with artificial eyelashes
Or oh yeah, she’ll recover fully in time
But it might be something that crumples one in a flash
Yes, I know how to do this; I know how to play that game
All for a pinch of confidence when people say my name
In awe, in admiration, wishing that they could do it too
In actual fact, I don’t know how, I’m the same as you
I want to conceal myself, so you have a pseudo-impression of me
Weighed down by false talents, bound by handcuffs of pride and greed
Weave a tale of someone who doesn’t exist
Fail to keep my word, broken every promise
Kept in the dark, blinded and muffled
It’s torture. People gradually get murdered
Don’t you feel tired after all these lies?
The pain is worse than being skinned alive
Be an authentic yourself, live loud and live proud
Come out of your shell, don’t let the dark clouds pile and shroud
Around you, yes, take that leap of faith, don’t be scared
Dive into the warm arms of freedom, of life
After all, what does the wonderful you have to hide?

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Emily Liang

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Semi-sweet and a little nutty. Introverted, socially awkward, but still easy-going and loves penning short legacies in poetry. Big on all things red, and passionate about music. Down-to-earth and enjoys short walks in mother nature's embrace. Smile people, today's going to be a great day. Try stuff you've never tried, go places, venture abroad and live a life you will remember.
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