Separation short poem

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The stranger that I am
To you, to this whole world
The realization sunk into me
Dragging me into the depth of loneliness
Where did I lose everything?
But then, when did I have anything?
Life seems to be a mirage
And, I, the real puppet
Fighting to find a voice…
Uncertainty, which dominated my life
Seemed to rip away, even the meager pleasured
If ever, I had any…
Love they say makes the world go round
But love, I say gives only pain and wound
The silent tears, the frustrated despair
Makes me dread away from love…
Memories, dangerous beings they indeed are
Evoke in me a lust for more
But, why should I ever yearn for more?
When all I ever had is nothing…
Alien to my own thoughts, my own self
I seem to exist lifelessly
Happiness, I feel is an illusion
But then, so is my life…

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Nada Jithin

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Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself. (I am large, I contain multitudes.)
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Seraiah Naomi Israel

Very Good work, Keep writing for sure.


Total dispair, I felt it in my heart when reading. You explained the feeling well in your poem.

Milton Robertson
Milton Robertson

A powerful poem Nada very well put together but a lot of people really feel that way. I can tell them to hold and God you can call for He is all. Then you will past the test… God Bless.


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