The N.d

The N.d prose poem

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My home!!! my village!! My zone!!! My heritage!!!
slowly transforming into a town as I pray and dream of it turning into a city,
what a pity feeding the nation and suffering from kwashiorkor
I see the tears of the children unable to get the basic necessities of life
and hear the crying voices of the wives and the old as they realize the youths are getting bold
and would no longer fold all because of the liquid gold our gift and our curse,
God forbid, why was it found here I wonder and the benefits are shared every where except here I ponder,
prejudice, it keeps the people crippled under fear year after year, injustice.
My forefathers lived off this land and our mothers dipped us into its  waters as before we could open our eyes
and fed us from its aquatic life when we grew hungry and swam in it when we felt lonely
now it is a only a distant memory told to us by the homely elders, funny but touching matters.
My community has a rig it burns day and night second after second every hour,month after month every year,
the colorful flames the workers and the machines what a sight causing us plight,
covering us like a wig, black gold like black leaf mold brought change as it was foretold,
not wonderful but powerful change, the weather, the land, the waters even the people changed, diseases, violence, immorality and hopelessness now rest in the bosoms of the people and their hearts tainted with poverty
so if you see them walking around painted with a frown don’t blame them but spread the news around.
My people know the truth but still choose to believe in lies, we know its our top leaders that have chose to keep us below, in their campaigns telling us as long as we obey and follow without complain, our stomachs will not be hollow,
our thoughts are so shallow as we swallow what we are able to find after a day of wallow,
one of us is a hero and the rest are zeroes and if you don’t know by now am talking about the NIGER-DELTA.

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Funkekeme Akposeye

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I am an easy going person who loves poetry and music,love making new friends and experiencing different cultures and I respect people's decisions and emotions as long as they respect mine am an african and i believe everything i can,i am yearning,learning and earning knowledge in search of peace and wisdom and when i write is when i feel alright.This poems and pages are dedicated to my family, friends, and anyone that appreciates life's joys. I hope these pages make you smile, reminisce, and perhaps shed a tear.
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