When I First Told You

When I First Told You long poem

Photo by Erin Stoodley

When I first told you,
I love more than ever,
You looked deeply into my eyes and said,
We’re just friends, and I’ve loved you never.
Yes, I was a little broken,
When you said it all to me,
I thought it was my fault,
Every moment over lunch, dinner and tea.
Time heals they said,
And I think it was true,
For time flew so quickly,
And the world did not seem so blue.
Over the months we became friends again,
We talked like never before,
Laughed at silly jokes,
I couldn’t have had wanted more.
Then one night, you text me,
Saying ‘I love you’,
I sit there in my chair,
Wondering what’s got into you?
I thought you were serious,
And I expressed my feelings too,
Unaware of what was going to happen,
Between me and you.
An hour after you make me dream of a life together,
So say it you were just joking,
And expect me to trust you,
As you say I know it is hard, what you are going through,
So let me tell you something,
I’m not broken, shattered or weak,
I’ve faced so many things,
It’s just like a plumber having to repair a leak.
So don’t mark me with your footprints,
If you plan to leave me soon,
And only want to know me,
When my plants are all in bloom.
Because the kind song might be pretty,
But it’s not for you they sing,
And if you think my winter’s too harsh,
You don’t deserve my spring.

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2 Comments on "When I First Told You"

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ramakrishnan chatakondu

I am not broken shattered or weak
I ve faced so many things
It is just like a plumber having to repair a leak
So don’t mark me with your footprints…………..

I don’t think so I can ever write such beautiful lines…….. But still I want to thank god for making me at least to read such beautiful lines ….…

Sweta Samantaray (Hymns_of_my_heart)

‘And if you think my winter’s too harsh, You don’t deserve my spring’…you add meanings to these words…absolutely marvellous!


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