The Phenomenal Woman

The Phenomenal Woman short poem

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You think you can define me,
That I’m just a tick in one box,
Like my being is a door,
That a single key unlocks.

But let me tell you something,
I have the universe inside,
I hold the untamed ocean,
With a constant changing tide.

I’m home to various mountains,
With peaks that touch the sky,
Flocks of grand migratory birds,
Deserts harsh and dry.

I have sunburns on my shoulders,
And blisters on my feet,
I have braved the wildest blizzards,
And the scorching summer heat.

I am the raging rivers,
I am the fragile grape vines,
And I have a whole waterfall of emotions,
Cascading down my spine.

So if you think you can define me,
Dear, just think again,
For I am the entire universe in motion,
I am the Phenomenal Woman!

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3 Comments on "The Phenomenal Woman"

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The poem shows the power and strength of a woman which is very difficult to define . A very novel way to
reflect what woman is all about .

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Bold declarations, but there is truth in your metaphors. (for sure this woman is buxom, well-endowed, . . . just kidding) It is pleasurable to read the rhymes, where there is. Overall, very enjoyable piece.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

Ruthlessly confident every inch…..but at the same time nothing egoistic…..simply marvellous .……..



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