Beautiful Her…

Beautiful Her... long poem

Photo by Leslee Mitchell

Her alarm goes off beside her,
A rough start to a rough day,
She pulls on the first clothes she sees,
And continues on her way.
The women on her sidewalk,
Seem to have life all worked out,
They don’t feel the sadness she does,
And her self conscious doubt.
She’s never been called pretty,
And she feels like she knows why,
As she watches sunlight, all the clouds,
Making patterns in the sky.
She doesn’t want attention,
So she glances to the ground,
As though it may hold the answers,
That she’s longing to have found.
Her day’s like all the others,
Filled with voices in her head,
Telling her she’ll be alone,
Until the day she’s dead.
She walks back home defeated,
Her bed so big that she feels small,
Hoping that tomorrow,
She doesn’t wake up at all.

He wakes to the sunlight,
But a cold and empty bed,
And thoughts of love he’d long to have,
Come back to his head.
The women on the sidewalk,
They don’t even catch his eyes,
Until he sees one lost in thought,
Staring off, into the sky.
He’s never seen such a beauty,
But he knows she’s unaware,
By the way she casts her eyes down,
And pretends she isn’t there.
He knows too well the feeling,
Of thinking you’re alone,
And he wishes he could tell her,
It’s a feeling he has known.
His day’s like all the others,
But it doesn’t feel the same,
He just can’t take the lonely girl,
From staying in his brain.
He goes back home excited,
With a wondrous plan of his,
That tomorrow he will tell her,
How beautiful she really is.

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3 Comments on "Beautiful Her…"

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ramakrishnan chatakondu

I have never seen an imagination looking so real….

Laya Sarath

*Touched* 🙂


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